Submit a feature in competition – Festival 2025

The 42nd edition of the « Festival du Premier Film d’Annonay » will take place from 7 till 17 February 2025.

Entry Form

Download here the Entry Form.

Please return this entry form before November 15th, 2024, together with a DVD screener, bluray or screening link of the submitted film, to:
Gaël Labanti – Festival du Premier Film d’Annonay
MJC – Château de Déomas – 10 rue Mathieu Duret – BP 30 093 – 07101 ANNONAY Cedex – France
Tel +33 (0)4 75 32 40 80

Registration rules for films in the competition

(pdf to download here)

1/ In February 2025, for the 42nd year consecutively, Annonay’s M.J.C. will organize a cinema Festival. One of the sections of this Festival is an international selection of first feature films.

2/ In order to be selected for the competition, films must last at least 60 minutes, they should not have been made before 2023, and must be the first feature by their director distributed in France. The directors will not have completed a second film by the time of the screening of their work at the Festival.

3/ Only fiction films can be selected for the competition.

4/ DCP, digital links or Bluray with French subtitling are the only screenings format that will be accepted.

5/ The selection cannot include films which have benefited from commercial diffusion in France prior to the Festival (either in cinemas or on television).

6/ All the films must be seen by the Festival selection committee. The viewing might be done while attending other Festivals (please, let us know the dates and places of screening as early as you can). If this is not possible, DVD or Bluray or screening links should be sent to the selection committee before November 15th 2024.

7/ Films will not be officially registered until the Festival receives the application form downloaded from our website. A signature on this form implies a total agreement with the regulation of the Annonay International Film Festival. The registration period will be closed on November 15th 2024.

8/ A list of the selected films can be consulted online on the Festival Website around December 15th 2024. Please note that the results will not be given on the telephone. If your film has not been selected and you wish to have the tape sent back, please ask for it by the end of April 2025.

9/ The Festival will bear the costs of a DCP journey to and from Annonay, as well as the custom fees. The Festival will not pay any rental or screening fees.

10/ The selected films will be screened in their original version with French subtitles. The making of the subtitles is up to the candidats.

11/ Each one of the ten films selected for the competition will be screened three to four times during the Festival.

12/ All selected film directors will be invited over to the Festival (only one invitation per film). The festival will bear the costs of every guest’s journey, meals and accommodation.

13/ For press and communication purposes, every selected candidate must provide by December 8th 2024 :
► a short summary of the plot
► several portfolios of pictures from the film
► a photo and a biography of the director mentioning his former works
► two large posters and some smaller ones
► a dozen of press kits (in French if possible).

14/ For technical reasons linked to subtitling problems, the prints of all eight films selected for the competition must be delivered to the MJC by January 15th 2025. Please make sure there are no technical problems before sending the print.

15/ Four prizes will be awarded :
► The Jury Prize : Prize in cash (3500 €) granted to the 
French distributor who will distribute the film in France 
before December 31st, 2025 and Prize in cash (2000 €) granted to the director.
► The Special Jury Prize : Prize in cash (1200 €) granted to the director.
► The Public’s Choice : Prize in cash (1700 €) granted to the director.
► The Young Jury Prize : Prize in cash (1000 €) granted to the director.

16/ Taking part in the Festival implies a total agreement with the present regulation by the producer or his (her) representative.

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